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Seminar Software-Engineering

The SEDA chair offers the joint software engineering seminar for bachelor and master students during the 2018/19 winter semester. The goal of the seminar is the introduction into scientific methods including critical reading, understanding, summarizing and presentation of published scientific papers. Seminar topics are from the software engineering domain with a focus on


To register for the seminar, please send us a short email with the following information.
Die deadline for registration is 2018-09-28. A final confirmation can only be given after the registration deadline. Due to the high demand, topics will only be available to registered students.


The available topics will be announced here.

News and Announcements

Announcements regarding the seminar will be announced here.


The schedule is preliminary and can still be changed.

Kickoff-Meeting 2018-10-19
Annotated table of contents 2018-11-23
First version of written papers 2019-01-18
Final version of written papers 2019-02-08
Presentations to be announced

During the kickoff, the organization of the seminar is discussed and contact with the supervisors is established. After a processing time of about one month, the participants are to provide a table of contents with key points on the planned content. In the following, all participants will prepare a written paper on their topic. The first version is due in mid-January and serves as the basis for final feedback from the supervisors. The final version of the paper is due in February. After submission of the written work, the topics will be presented at a concluding meeting.


The seminar will be held in English. Bachelor students are free to choose between German or English.


Please use the modified LNCS template for your paper. Your paper should be about 10 pages (bachelor) or 15 pages (master) long (not including figures).


Please use our templates for PowerPoint, LibreOffice, or LaTeX. The presentations must not exceed 15 minutes (bachelor) or 20 minutes (master).