Chair of Software Engineering

M.Sc. Rasha Abu Qasem


Researcher at the research group Software Engineering: Dependability


M.Sc. Rasha Abu Qasem
TU Kaiserslautern
Building 32, Room 429
P.O. Box 3049
67653 Kaiserslautern

Tel: +49 (631) 205-3449

Fax: +49 (631) 205-3331  



Self-Adaptive Systems (SAS) are becoming more evident in our lives. By definition, these systems are supposed to adapt to changes in their context without human interference. It is essential that they are trusted to autonomously perform critical tasks in changing environmental conditions. That makes assuring their safety a vital task, and because of their complexity, a challenging one. My goal is to identify potential safety vulnerabilities in safety requirements of SAS at design time. This would provide the system architect with a tool which facilitates the early detection of failures in the system and subsequently reduce the time and effort of the development.



  • Rasha Abu Qasem, “Validation of self-adaptive system’s safety requirements at design time”, International Journal on Advances in Software, ISSN 1942-2628 vol. 13, no. 3 & 4, 2020 
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